Today's poem

One poem made me so excited at a workshop in Portugal. A poet Stuart (pseudonym) brought to me, the poem in which light coming through church windows were drawn. Instantly I asked him why he wrote such a brilliant poem and what had inspired him. Then he explained his own experience of a séance at a church or somewhere in Kings Lynn. I decided to attend it there next time and Julian of Norwich came up to my mind at that time. He also told me about Margery Kempe.

After coming back to Tokyo, I found a formalist poet Howard Nemerov's (Diane Arbus was his sister!) poem 'A POEM OF MARGERY KEMPE'. In the poem on mysticism, her quote becomes a rhyming couplet as a refrain that seems to be a magic spell Abracadabra. Other octets are the narrative of her life. Homage to Margery Kempe. The last octet is very strong in the viewpoint of prosody and the last two lines 'I lace my pride in, / Crying out odd and even,' remind me of a Korean poet's verse on shamanism in another workshop.


"Patience is more worthy than miracle working" by William Blake
(from wiki)