Today's poem

Free verse with only one sentence (O dazzling skill). In the last sixth line, with a trio of mono-syllabic words, the prosody effect of is boogie-woogie. The wine is sparkling, the Buddha is gone with bubbles.

The Wine by Michael Metivier
 (from the website of Poetry Foundation)

When the townspeople
gave the teenaged Buddha
a glass of wine
so delicious he grew
to an unthinkable size
and froze into a blue statue
that shielded the town
from a wave that broke
upon his back
and would have swept away
the town if he’d not tasted
the wine and afterward the people
were overjoyed and said
they would do good deeds
like carpool their children to school
more often and plant lettuce
everywhere while the Buddha
melted into water and receded
into the calm sane sea.