Troubadour Reading Event

     I should first write the Silves workshop 2019. However, I have basked in my delight of hearing gorgeous spoken-words event at the Troubadour Café in London on Monday, 27th May. This was the first time for me to attend as audience such an event organized by Coffee-House Poetry.
     In a first part, poems of Troubadour poets written for the event were premiered.
     I was stirred up by a second part: reading performance by poets Pat Boran, Richard Douglas Pennant, Martina Evans, and A. F. Harrold with music by Peter Foggitt. Their performance poetry was based on responding unpredictably to each others’ themes in work, keeping contact with listeners. I felt that such collaboration might have been a sort of development of Japanese Renga. I didn’t know all the poets, however, the encounter with hearing of them influenced me so much, especially, Martina Evans and A. F. Harrold. Martina Evans read, enunciated her poems with humour like whispering while memorizing all poems for recitation and her soft voice evoked a Japanese-Brasilian bossa nova singer Lisa Ono. A. F. Harrold’s cadence was very unique, his rhythms were free with rich variation.
     I think that it was able to get such excitement only by live performance. The event grew another part in my soul.

P.S. I miss the next reading of Dan O’Brien, Kathryn Maris, and Mark Halliday at the Troubadour event on Monday, 10th June.