Craftsmanship - Beautiful-bound Books at Bookshop POST in Tokyo

We went to a distinct bookshop POST at a cul-de-sac in Ebisu, Tokyo last week, met again Dutch artists Scheltens & Abbenes. Their exhibition was held there at the second time. First, our encounter with them had been at NYC and we had been surprised by their artworks with proficient technique. Also this time there were some new findings in their photos.

(Their bilingual catalog)

Apparently, therein, lay both the variety and its own particular style of selection. The bookshop has adopted, sold visual books on mainly including fine art, graphic design, photography with a unique concept that it showcases only one publisher’s publication at a time according to its website. Once entering the shop (or gallery), soon I felt an owner or curator of the shop might have deep knowledge for publishing books. Plenty of books with high quality were curated, introduced and orderly put on shelves. Moreover, there had been lectures to make a good book by Klaus Kehrer, a founder of a German publisher Kehrrer Verlag. And now an outstanding publisher Lars Müller Publishers in Zürich is introduced. A common thing is craftsmanship - this is most important.
(Exhibition by Scheltens & Abbenes)

Here, with respect to English poetry, small presses ENITHARMON PRESS and Fine Press Poetry in the UK come into my mind. Both the presses have published high-quality poetry collections. I read a Nancy Campbell’s poetry book DISKO BAY published by ENITHARMON PRESS. Her poems sing the dazzling beauty and the danger of death of the frozen shores of Greenland due to the climate change in the collection. The press has published highly-professional, excellent books on prose, art as well as poetry.

P.S. Handiwork on Dylan Thomas by ENITHARMON PRESS