Today's poem

When I met a Danish artist living in Tokyo and talked about the Danish history and culture, I knew N. F. S. Grundtvig. His thought and Folkehøjskole gave me an impact. The philosophy of Folkehøjskole might be analogous with that of ARVON. Grundtvig was an early translator of Beowulf in Denmark. The hymn reminds me of Blake’s 'Infant Joy'.

A Little Child So Fair And Bright
by N. F. S. Grundtvig (trans. P. C. Paulsen)

A little child so fair and bright
Is sent to us from heaven;
Before or since that Christmas night
Such gift was never given;
But when the time of God was come,
His Son did leave His heav'nly home
And found on earth a mother;
This Morning Star, this child of fame,
In lowliness among us came
To be our Lord and Brother.

Exalted in eternity
Is Jesus Christ, our Savior!
All honor to our Father be
For His unequaled favor!
Each Christmas day anew we raise
Our voices unto Him in praise,
In joyful adoration;
Though poor our hallelujahs ring.
In heaven countless voices sing
With ours in jubilation.

(Source: Hymnal for Church and Home (2nd ed.) #85)