Today's poem

Ms. O has been one of my tutors of English literature. Her specific field is English poetry and doctoral thesis was T. S. Eliot. She has taught to me basic knowledge on English literature and phonetics over six years by customizing a reading program for my writing. This morning I read some poems aloud in front of her garden filled with roses. My drawback is reading based on 2 beats. Although improved, alas, soon back to a poor situation like a spring.

The Rose
by Kathleen Raine

What does the eye see?
A rose-bud on a paradise tree.

What does hope say?
A rose shall fill time with eternity!

What is memory’s refrain?
‘I was that rose before the world began.’

What does thought foretell?
Petal upon petal,
World within world, star within cell.

What sings love then?
‘I am the rose, that crimson rose is mine.’

What comes death this way?
To take away, to take my rose is mine.’

Why comes death this way?
To take away to take my rose away.

What lies in the immortal centre hidden?
Mary on the golden throne of Heaven.

And in the heart of Heart what lives, what grows?
The heart of Heaven is the rose, the rose!

(all pictures of Ms. O's rose garden)