Today's poem

A surrealistic image in the Morgan's free verse is synchronized with my memory on a photo of a Japanese photographer Michiko Kon. For me, a Scottish term “shoogle” is impressive.

                  The Subway Piranhas
                  by Edwin Morgan

                  Did anyone tell you
                  that in each subway train
                  there is one special seat
                  with a small hole in it
                  and underneath the seat
                  is a tank of piranha-fish
                  which have not been fed
                  for quite some time.
                  The fish become quite agitated
                  by the shoogling of the train
                  and jump up through the seat.
                  The resulting skeletons
                  of unlucky passengers
                  turn an honest penny
                  for the transport executive,
                  hanging far and wide
                  in medical schools. 

                  (poem from the website of blue ridge journal)