Today's poem

Initially, the first and second lines in the first quatrain grab readers. In order to faithfully build up a relationship to a friend, a lover, or another, a person’s mind, sometimes shadowy parts are read as if with physiognomy or a psychological test, linking to writing onscreen in this case. The last line in the third quatrain is vital, so positive to human beings and the world.

I Keep My Eyes on the Ground
by Caroline Bird

Your penumbra shimmers with small-print
in Papyrus font, clarifications mostly, live-
feed emotional updates, correction in your
shadow’s margins. Your shadow is a thought

essay typed on the air, erased and rewritten
by your every move, proposals stick-scrawled
in the sand as the next wave licks its finger
to flip the beach. For you, honesty is constant

amendment: your stance shifts and new
notes spool out from your feet ー footnotes,
revised, a body of dissolving documentation
I try to speed-read fast enough to know you.

(from the website of The Guardian: )