London Undercurrents by Joolz Sparkes and Hilaire
(published by Holland Park Press, ISBN9781907320828)

     This arrived today. A Londoner poet Joolz Sparkes was an attendee of a workshop: the Totleigh Barton (?) ARVON with poets and tutors Frances Leviston and Paul Batchelor in 2013. Very delighted to receive it, so I want to show the picture of a front cover of the collection now, though not read it yet. A bit later, I want to explore and dig it again in my blog.
     Skimming pages, in the beginning of each chapter, there is a drawing of The Thames with small poems representing characteristics of each side thereof, alternately written by Joolz and Hilaire. As verse, interested in the veiled history of local towns, mainly Islington. The order of poems is thoughtful. Although I often purchase contents via Kindle, the book enables me to recognize excellence of a paper book rather than e-book.
     It might be the best way to read the collection by tapping, checking Google Maps, sometimes sipping English breakfast tea in small cafés around the towns under the sunny sky.
    Viewing the website of Holland Park Press, the publishing house is attractive, unique for publishing books in English and Dutch.

     Congrats to Joolz and Hilaire! Can't forget endless chatting on poetry, politics, society, etc. with Joolz in London and Tokyo.