A poem by Derek Hughes

     I am pleased to upload a poem by a British poet Derek Hughes – the winner of Editors’ Prize in Magma Poetry Competition 2018/2019 (congrats again) and attendee of ‘Editing Poetry’ course in the Hurst ARVON in December 2018. He told me about English jokes and Lancashire dialect through verse in the workshop.
     Please read his wonderful poem together with David Hockney’s painting.
     Thank you so much, Derek.


                                I pose upon his knees and stare
                                out of the window at a golden bird.
                                It flits between a pair
                                of matching statues. I hear word
                                they were purchased from the latest show
                                at her friend’s gallery and could,
                                given the sculptor’s trendiness,
                                be worth a fortune at forthcoming sales.
                                Enough of this, I yearn to go
                                and prowl between the roots of trees, snails’
                                slimy trails, roll in fertile soil, catnip.
                                I spy a twitch, a flick of mouse’s tail.

                                Let it be. I was designer tom, I’m hip
                                though now lacking some accoutrements let’s say.
                                I eat smoked salmon, langoustine and sip
                                from my own exclusive bowl. My owners pay
                                cat sitters, so that they can continue being bored
                                in Wengen and on the Cote D’Azur in May.

                               They stare between each other-my lady, her amour.
                               I suspect that he prefers young men.
                               She swims a myriad of shores.

                                                   Acknowledgements to David Hockney

                                                                                        (©Derek Hughes)