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Exceedingly thrilled that my poem Carnivorous Butterwort was published in the online Porridge Magazine. The magazine is super-innovative with digital content. Foundering and design have creative ingenuity. Thank you so much to editors Georgia, Nora, Kitty, and Chris.

Today's poem

Cicada is a typical summer insect in Japan. I think there are a small number of poems on a cicada in Europe, though cicadas might sing in areas along the Mediterranean coast. Here are their choruses in Japan.

 (Shell of a cicada, like a mini dinosaur!)
Cicadas by Lisel Mueller
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Open a raden jewelry box. I can find Sarah Howe’s collection Loop of Jade as encyclopedia of poems.

- Random Memos -
(The paragraph (2) might be a hodgepodge. Sorry.)

(1) My favorite is the poem of the book title. Jade is a typical metaphor representing China. I imagine that jade is the color of the Kurobe River, Japan. The scenes in the poem are not set to Japan. Nevertheless, I think that my idea using the Kurobe River is valid, for the poem seems to be acts played in the jade river. In the freshwater, the contour of everything is trembling, often blurred, and a field of view is clear at some points of the river and opaque at others. There, visions in the poem can rise from the darkness of slow-moving whirlpools.
(2) The transition of forms corresponds to Howe’s recollection or conversation with her mother. This is breathtaking. Regarding three generations (Howe, her mother, and grandmother), fragments or strands of flashbacks are precisely knitted. Aesthetics of the …
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I have submitted this book review to some UK magazines. However, I live in Tokyo, it's hard to access a proper place for submission in consideration of various standards or rules. And I think it can take a longer time to realize the publication of the book review. So I upload it on my blog.
Jenny, huge congraturations! 

Poetry Review - 回家 LETTERS HOME: Hideko Sueoka finds layered lyricism and lyric glitter, Jennifer Wong’s writing is more refined, more richened.
回家 LETTERS HOME      Jennifer Wong      Nine Arches Press      ISBN 9781911027874      90pp          £9.99

After her collection Goldfish回家 LETTERS HOME by Jennifer Wong is crafted with various stitch patterns of forms and contents with iambic cadence, and her techniques and themes are more developed, richened. Therefore, her poems are well-wrought and textured. The collection fascinates me, for she is both a poet and an immigrant. She mo…
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Wisteria, Hydrangea arrived from London with a hearty message last Thursday, 21st May: a pamphlet bulbul calling with edition No. xxx. Bulbul might correspond to ヒヨドリ (brown-eared bulbul) in Japan. Poems on the subject of nature in the pamph have a high affinity with the Japanese sensibility, for following Japanese culture, the origin was rooted mainly in the Indian subcontinent and China before the Meiji era (1868 to 1912). Multi-lingual verses are collected with Pratyusha's eyes to individual places in her life in the small gem, having Urdu, Hindi, Bangla, dialects thereof, etc. Two ghazals fascinate me, making my memory back to the 2012 Fishtrap workshop in the US where I first read a ghazal that a participant Cathy wrote using her middle name 'love'.

Please read tercets 'if still forest (winter)' by Pratyusha from an online magazine THE WILLOWHERB REVIEW.
* The poem has an atmosphere of the UK, not India, I suppose.
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Hopkins' devotion to Christianity. In the poem, each quatrain represents each sense. Simultaneously, I recall indriya in Buddhism. The first and second quatrains are hearing, the third is eyesight, the fourth is taste, the fifth is smell, and the sixth is touch. The poem attracts me so much, for I feel Christianity by, especially, terms 'ELECTED Silence', 'uncreated light' (Genesis I), and 'the Lord'. In the last quatrain, Hopkins selected one of the three counsels of perfection: 'Poverty'. The fifth (smell) and sixth (touch) quatrains seem to be strange for me. Just in such stanzas, there could be a hidden riddle or called truth. The beginning 'ELECTED Silence' (really great, I think) dominates the world in the poem, a clue to create light from 'the uncreated light'. Silence is the source of the birth of something, back to tabula rasa. As if feeling before practice in Eiheiji (永平寺).

The Habit of Perfection by Gerard …
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FIND! Well, how I met the poem - I have no memory. But what I remember is only a huge surprise (「こりゃ、すごい」) around 2012 or 2013 and I thought Hannah Sanghee Park was a gifted poet. It seems for me that, e.g., the poem 'X, O' is a mathematical formula, i.e., an equation (I want to try to make a poem using the latest mathematics or quantum mechanics). Soon I purchased her debut collection ''the same different" with rich experimentality. The first section in the book has a unique arrangement of poems filled with cool lyricism, chasing similar sounds in each stanza. Meanwhile, the second section is a sequence of sonnets full of fine devices. Her writing continuously has stimulated my creativity so much. Moreover, I love a double-Dactyl poem 'Bible Lesson' that is not collected in the book.

Hannah Sanghee Park

Please click and read her poems:
'X, O' ...    (equation)
'X O'   ... ht…